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Today, when I prepare food for my child, I get besieged by n number of questions like is he getting enough nutrition, what pesticides, chemicals, additives this food have. Such questions never crossed our mind when we were young. From our childhood to today, what changed that?

Today we have come where food became all about beautiful Instagram pictures. Much polished pulses and grains, shiny and attractive fruits, party-ready fresh vegetables! We don’t know how it was processed to get that appearance and unnatural taste and we were too busy to give a damn about it. We ate food which was processed, injected and showered with harmful things and didn’t care much. Now when I see increasing health problems and its association with the food we eat, I felt to stop right here, and rethink about our attitude towards food.

So, we at House of Green, are rolling up our sleeves for bringing you a magical box which came directly from the fields, grown without using any pesticides, and prepared without chemicals. We are a family who care for honest and pure food. Currently we offer a range of basic flours, ready to cook mixes, and ready to eat porridges.

If we can’t change our busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles, we can surely make it better with organic and healthy food. Organic, delicious, nutritionally balanced, time saving, and healthy food is all that we need for us and our beloved, and House of Green is here to serve you right.     

-Dip Bhavsar-Nalawade, Founder

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